Editorial Note: Introducing the new Engagement team


The Sierras in California. Photo by: Ángela Castillo

Engagement is happy to announce a new editorial team starting in 2023!

Ángela Castillo-Ardila, Colin Hoag, Jia Hui Lee, and Lucero Radonic will collaborate to maintain Engagement as a leading digital venue where researchers share theoretically exciting, at times experimental, posts addressing the pressing environmental problems of our time. We will carry Engagement into new initiatives, including new thematic series, non-English content, and enhanced teaching resources. We look for contributions that engage diverse publics within and beyond academia with anthropological, STS, geographical, and creative writing perspectives on the environment.

We are excited to announce our first thematic series of the year: Disputed Water Worlds. The series will feature pieces exploring how water has become a generative element to rethink environmental relationalities, transformations, and disputes in various disciplinary fields. The series will highlight research on water that critically and seriously elaborates on the specificity of water forms in different contexts and offers new theoretical and political possibilities for the study of water. Also, stay tuned for a future planned series we are calling Apply/Collaborate, which will feature  anthropologists and other social scientists who are increasingly working in diverse collaborative teams addressing a wide range of problems, such as the climate crisis, environmental justice, and the racialized effects of dispossession and pollution, among others. The Apply/Collaborate series will showcase the initiatives of teams pushing forward innovative reflections, coalition-building projects, and solutions tackling current environmental concerns. 

We are still looking for work, stories, and projects for our Natural Histories and Museums and Ecology series.

Engagement’s editorial team is committed to helping authors communicate their research and stories to as wide as possible an audience within and without the field of environmental anthropology. In this way, we hope that posts will speak to the interests of academic anthropologists, those working in applied settings, and broader publics. Please contact the co-editors with questions, suggestions, and submissions. 

We are excited to work with you!

The Engagement Editorial Team