Roy A. Rappaport Prize Competition

The Roy A. Rappaport Prize is an annual essay competition sponsored by the Anthropology and Environment Society, recognizing the work of graduate students working in the field of environmental anthropology. Follow the links below to learn more about their research. Visit the A&E webpage for more information on how to submit to this year’s competition.

Roy Rappaport Portrait, 1963. Roy Rappaport Papers. MSS 0516. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego.

2019 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Finalists

Earth Displacements: Draining the Swamp in Southeast Sulawesi
by Joe Klein, University of California at Santa Cruz

Scandal, Blame, and the Politics of Contamination in Peru’s Quinoa Bust
by Emma McDonell, University of Tennesee at Chattanooga

Exceptional Geologies as Models for Life in Oklahoma’s “Fracking-Scenes”
by Lara Rodriguez, George Washington University

2018 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Winner

This Is Not a Goldmine: Conservation, and the Politics of Recruitment in the Deep Bismarck Sea
by Patrick F. Nason, Columbia University

2018 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Finalists

Making Salt, Making Do: Rhythms of Resistance on Timorese Saltscapes
by Gillian Bogart, University of California at Santa Cruz

Pollution Made by Nature: The Circulation of Nitrate Knowledge in Iowa Agriculture and Conservation
by Brianna Farber, University of South Carolina

Tin: Bodies of Flesh and Ore
by Andrea Marston, University of California at Berkeley

A Plantation inside the Cow: Capitalist Indigestions and the Rumen Microbial Universe
by Katy Overstreet, University of California at Santa Cruz