Museums and Ecology

Inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Photo by Theresa L. Miller

Museums are important spaces where scholarly research has the opportunity to reach broader audiences beyond academia. These spaces can be especially significant in communicating research on pressing ecological issues to the public. In this thematic series, we ask, what can museums, including their exhibitions and collections, tell us about human-environment engagements? Additionally, how do studies on museums and on ecology overlap and intersect, and how are these studies disseminated to a public audience?

This series remains open.

Series Posts:

The Story of “Little Frog” (Ranunculus paucifolius)
by Joanna Cobley
Mild Apocalypse – Feral Landscapes in Denmark: Reflections on an Exhibition
by Nathalia S. Brichet, Frida Hastrup, and Felix Riede

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