An Ecology of Knowledges
with Micha Rahder

Destination Anthropocene
with Amelia Moore

Decolonizing Extinction
with Juno Salazar Parreñas

Conjuring Property
with Jeremy Campbell

Stealing Shining Rivers: Transnational Conservation Meets a Mexican Forest
with Molly Doane

Mining Capitalism
with Stuart Kirsch

Cultivating the Nile
with Jessica Barnes

Up the Financier: Studying the California Carbon Market
with Patrick Bigger

Ignition Stories: Anthropological Explorations of Fire Ecology and Social Justice
with Cynthia Fowler

Spiritual Ecology, Connection, and Environmental Change
with Leslie Sponsel

Forestry, Bureaucracy, and Engaged Scholarship
with Andrew Mathews

Forest Conservation, Malagasy Worker-Peasants and Biodiversity
with Genese Marie Sodikoff

with Laura Ogden

Coffee, Commodities, and Community Engagement
with Paige West