Editorial Note: The Re-Launch of Engagement

By The Editors §

Since its inception in 2012, the Anthropology and Environment Society’s “Engagement Blog” has published first-hand accounts by scholars engaged in work on environmental problems. Today, we are very excited to relaunch the blog on a new WordPress platform. In its new avatar, the blog will continue its mission while expanding its scope — both in form and content.

As the new editorial team, we started working on the blog in April 2015. Our goals have been twofold: First, to create a more dynamic site that accommodates posts in different formats, such as videos and photo essays. Second, to introduce periodic thematic series that address topics of particular concern to environmental anthropologists at the present moment. Our first series, titled, “Multi-Species Anthropology: Becoming Human with Others,” will explore what it means to be human at our particular historical moment and what this means for anthropology, featuring posts from Augustin Fuentes, John Hartigan, and others at the forefront of this important conversation. Through this and other thematic series, as well as the regular, standalone posts that we will continue to publish, we aim to create a platform for rich discussion of emerging and enduring concerns within the A&E community. Any readers who want to participate in this conversation should review our open calls for posts.

The site is an evolving project and we welcome suggestions that will allow us to think critically about its form and content and the possibilities it presents us as a medium. Contact the co-editors with suggestions, questions, and submissions.

Colin Hoag (choag@ucsc.edu)
Theresa Miller (MillerTh@si.edu)
Chitra Venkataramani (cvenkataramani@gmail.com)